Sensational Blog Title Risks


A slew of blog posts have come out with a number of titles that have attempted to proclaim that something has died. From “Apple is Dead” to “SEO is Dead” to “Facebook Died Today,” these blog titles shared a common purpose: to draw in readers. But a sensational blog title is not without its risks.

With an estimated 2 million blog posts written every day, it’s little wonder that bloggers are trying to find different ways to make their blogs stand out from the crowd. Niching is the most powerful way to focus on your target audience. However, the blog titles do almost as much. That’s why so many turn to a sensational blog title, but going too sensational can cause problems.

Loss of Credibility

A sensational blog title doesn’t have to be false, but the majority of the sensational blog titles out there twist the truth so far that only a smidgen remains. In the “Apple is Dead” blog post, the author ultimately just wrote about an exciting new product that had come out that would pose some competition for Apple products. Apple was in no danger of failing or dying, and the blog did not really promote that.

The problem is that too much sensationalism can lead readers to distrust what the writer says. After all, if you say that you have the secret to eternal youth but then only write about a product that will help to prevent crow’s feet from developing. It’s failing to deliver on the promise. Eventually, readers may stop believing the titles that you list at all.

Loss of Sensitivity

The purpose of a sensational blog title is to draw the readers in and stand out from the rest of the crowd. However, if every blog post you write is about the death of something or the worst mistakes that people are making without really delivering on that promise, you’ll lose the thrill. You might still manage to draw in some new readers. However, the long term readers that you want to get are not going to stick around. They’ll assume that the other articles are going to be the same.

Loss of Topics

You can only write about so many different things. When you try to use a sensational blog title for every topic, you most likely run out of topics. You can only talk about the biggest mistakes and the deaths of so many different things. To get readers, you have to demonstrate the value of your content with your titles. This means that you have to show variety in your topics as well.

Author: David Tile

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